Our Services

Personalized health care for every child.

Our pediatric team offers the personalized care every child deserves. We strive to be a trusted source for families and a leader in pediatric care throughout the South Bloomfield community.

We offer pediatric primary care for babies, children and teens. From well child checks to sore throats and tummy aches, our team is specially trained to care for your child throughout all stages of their life.

Our Services Include:

Newborn – 18 years of age

Well child checks

Sports physicals

Growth assessments



Asthma / Allergy

Same day appointments for urgent needs

Developmental screenings

24/hour on-call emergency

Insurance / Financial statement

Well check specialist care

Seeing your doctor for regularly scheduled well child checks is very important for your child’s health. Each well child check is customized to your child’s age and covers vaccines to prevent illness, growth and development milestones, and social and learning behaviors. Regular visits help create a strong, trusting relationship and allows our team to provide the best long-term care for your child.

Infants and toddlers ages 0-2

Has your child had all the immunizations required before the age of two?

During a baby’s first two years, a lot changes, so they need to have “well visits” every few months. At Helping Hands Pediatrics, we can deliver the right care, right from the start – to assess developmental milestones, measure growth, receive immunizations and discuss your concerns.

Children ages 3-6

Is your child ready for preschool or kindergarten?

Did you know that there are milestones your child should be meeting before starting school? The qualified and compassionate staff at Helping Hands Pediatrics is ready to help by offering a range of services, from routine screenings, like vision and hearing, to all the required immunizations.

Here, we have a team approach to care that allows all of us – doctors, parents and patients – to work in partnership. And together, we can help your child begin school on the right foot.

Children ages 7-11

Once-a-year well child visits shouldn’t end at double digits.

Even after your child’s 10th birthday, an annual checkup is still necessary. Because kids grow fast, it’s very important to keep track of them by performing yearly growth and developmental screenings, including immunizations.

At Helping Hands Pediatrics, we’re specially trained and equipped to address any concerns you may have about your preteen. Annual visits are a great opportunity for you to bring your questions regarding development, behavior, eating and sleeping.

Adolescents and teens ages 12-18

Are you the parent of a 12-18 year old? We have your checklist.

At Helping Hands Pediatrics, we understand that as kids become teenagers, families lives seem to become even busier. But it’s important to make sure your teen has an annual checkup through age 18:

  • For sports, camp and activity clearance exams
  • For immunizations and development milestones
  • For immediate concerns, like acne and social behavior
  • For the best chance to form healthy habits for life